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Getting Started

There are so many resources that you may not know where to start.

Be sure to have checked out the following:


1. Take the Servoy feature tour. (tip: Servoy in 1 minute video!)

2. Read the "What is Servoy?" section. It describes Servoy from a VFP perspective.

3. Download the Servoy Community Edition

4. Read the Servoy Quick Start Guide

(includes installing Servoy)

5. If you are like me then you prefer reading a manual instead of extracting information from forums. Servoy has pretty good documentation but you have to know where to find it. The documentation of the latest version of Servoy can be found here.

6. Check out the comparison section of this site for a detailed comparison between Visual FoxPro and Servoy.

7. Visit the Servoy forum if you have questions or need help.

8. Roam the Servoy site for other information such as seminars, training and events.

External resources:


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Official Servoy website


Ken Levy on Servoy


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Servoy Forum


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