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Servoy Data Performance Comparison

For Servoy World 2011 I did a presentation on Data Performance in Servoy. Speed has always been one of VFP's major spearpoints. How does Servoy compare to Visual FoxPro in terms of speed when handling data in different scenario's and with different databases?

I did extensive tests using Servoy 5 Smart Client and Web Client with Visual FoxPro data (old and new driver), PostgreSQL and SQL Server with several types of indexes and without indexes. I also tried doing consecutive tests, averaging the results because consecutive lookups are handled faster for most databases. For the start of each test I rebooted to create as much equal starting conditions as possible.

You can find the following test result below:

  • Primary key search - Smart Client
  • Primary key search - Web Client

  • Lastname index search - Smart Client - without string matching options
  • Lastname index search - Web Client - without string matching options

  • Streetname index search - Smart Client - with string matching options
  • Streetname index search - Web Client - with string matching options

  • Zipcode search - Smart Client - no index

  • Native database search - Benchmarks

  • Conclusions

  • Demo form - 20 million records

  • Of course you have to keep in mind that measuring performance is tricky business. There are many factors that influence the measurements. But overall I think the trends are obvious and believe that the conclusions are accurate.

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